Let the Real Estate Experts at Bricks help develop a marketing plan that works for you!
We have developed a plan that is distinct, up-to-date, and innovative so you can get the most amount out of your home.

Until you talk with a certified home selling advisor. A certified home selling advisor has been extensively trained in the 115 variables involved in the home selling process. The mismanagement or overlooking of these variables can cause a home to sell for a much lower amount or even worse, not sell at all! Schedule your free home evaluation with the only CHSA in the area, Daniel Broderick.

What to Expect When You Work with Bricks
If you are looking for commercial property in the Tri-City area, your search begins with Bricks Real Estate Experts. Our friendly brokers provide a host of commercial realty services, including the acquisition or buying of commercial properties, as well as disposition or selling. When you partner with us for your commercial property needs, you see the value of working with a Brick.

For both buyers and sellers, Bricks brokers’ goals are the same: to arm you with the knowledge and information needed to make the best choice available, and for you to leave the transaction feeling completely satisfied.

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Broker for Buyers
Acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate can be daunting. You need a broker who knows the area and also knows the right questions to ask to ensure that you are purchasing the ideal commercial property for your needs. You need a Brick!

For commercial property buyers, we work to:

  • Identify qualified properties
  • Manage transactions
  • Write legal and financial documentation
  • Successfully close!

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Broker for Sellers
When selling the property, the first step is to assess the value of your property and then develop a marketing plan that maximizes your listing’s exposure to potential buyers. Bricks Real Estate Experts have the know-how and expertise that gets your listing noticed. We partner with you to find the right buyer so you can maximize your net equity.
For commercial property sellers, we work to:
  • Assess the value of your property
  • Devise a marketing plan for your property
  • Increase exposure to potential buyers
  • Find interested buyers
  • Manage transactions & write necessary documentation
  • Successfully close!


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